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It's a common misconception that gaming is a poor experience on Android. This is not true. As Android has rapidly started to dominate the marketplace, game developers are taking notice and realizing they can't just put their games out on the iPhone if they want to remain competitive.

There are a ton of quality games available. Granted, many are only free in a limited form and require purchase to open up the entire game, but this is no different than other platforms and the cost is often ridiculously small.

Then there's the option of running "emulators" to play classic arcade games. This does venture into legal gray areas, so make sure you stay legal and only play games on your Captivate that you actually own. Due to this issue, this FAQ will not tell you how to obtain ROMs. However, for ROMs of games you already own, you can then use apps like NESoid Lite, SNESoid Lite, DroidEmu, or many others to then play them on your Captivate.

Recommended games

There are thousands of quality "casual" games available in the marketplace, so be sure to browse around AppBrain or your favorite other site to check out what's currently popular. Found an extremely high-quality game that deserves to be on the above list? Contact the CapFAQ admin by emailing admin @ this domain name.

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