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I'm having problems with the software update function. Is there a way to start fresh?

This will show you how to perform a master reset of the Captivate's software update function when server issues are reported, you don't want to wait 24 hours to repeat your check for an update, you've advanced the phone's date by a year instead of a day, etc. The wssdmdatabase.db file that will be removed will force the operating system to recreate it, allowing you to start anew in your quest for updates.

You need to be rooted for this to work.

Open ADB/terminal emulator and run the following commands:


 cd /dbdata/databases/com.wssyncmldm

 rm wssdmdatabase.db


Software Updates (non-rooted device)

Source: Gizmodo

You've just read or heard that your phone is due for an update—maybe just bug fixes, or possibly a big version upgrade. But your phone claims there's nothing doing. Dial this keypad combination to force a "checkin" and possible upgrade. If there's no update available for your phone from your carrier, then this trick won't magically compile and distribute one, of course. But there can be a lag between when a carrier makes an update available and when your phone checks in to see if it's available—even if you hit the Settings menu, choose About phone, and click the "Check for system updates" option. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't—but it doesn't hurt.

To get your phone into the queue right away, dial *#*#checkin#*#*, substituting the dial pad numbers for the letters.

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